Frequently Asked Questions

New buildings, new people and new routines can be a challenge for

people on the Autism Spectrum. Here are answers to important questions...


What if my child is disruptive?
All children are welcome, regardless of their behavior. We have a Safe Corner where children can rest and observe.

Are children accompanied?
Parents, grandparent and/or caregivers are expected to join in the activities so children's particular needs are met and they feel comfortable. There is a time for conversation and networking among adults.

Is there an age limit?
No. Our program is hands-on and uses therapeutic activities. There are activities that work well both for non-verbal and verbal people. Our participants range in age from 2-20.


How many people attend each service?
We usually celebrate with 10-15 people present: kids, clergy, staff and parents.


Can siblings and friends attend?
Siblings and friends are encouraged to attend. We hope the service is a safe place for the whole extended family to worship together.


Do I have to be an Episcopalian to come to Rhythms of Grace?
No. We welcome all faith traditions to our service.


Do I need to call in advance?
No. Just come. But if you have a particular need, call first so we can help to make it a successful first visit.


Are the sites handicapped accessible?
Our site has ground level entry point and an elevator, as well as handicapped accessible bathrooms. 


My child has food allergies? Is it safe for us to come?
We use gluten-free rice wafers and non-alcoholic wine in our communions. Epiphany parish has children with allergies to nuts and sesame, so we work hard to keep those items away. As always, use your best judgment. You can also call ahead of time and let us know of any concerns you might have--we'll do our best to accommodate everyone.